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We Love Learning Palettes

As educators and parents, we are constantly on the lookout for engaging and impactful learning tools. Give Learning Palette a second look. It's a product line in the famous Learning Wrap-Up company that builds analytical skills while using hands-on tactile movement. The product comes with a base, a pile of circle tokens, and cards that can be switched out depending on the student's level. The student matches the correct color/style of token to the correct answer on the board.

The student can also choose between math or reading concepts. The grade-level competence range is from Kinder through 5th grade. The company has gone a step further and even developed an online version of the learning tool, which can be found here. But the real magic is the hands-on version. The learning tool requires only one base; after that, you can add as many cards as you would like. Have fun and learn with Learning Palette.

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