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An example of our weekly schedule


Morning tracks: Math/Engineering and Science. Offsite Gymnastics.

Afternoon track: Entrepreneurship

(daily Spanish language integration). 


Tuesday: Every Tuesday is an offsite day. Students spend the day on a project that integrates with one of the discipline tracks. Student's math and analytical skills are folded into these projects. Example:

  • Day Farms' offsite trip supports the environmental track. 

  • Adobe offsite trip supporting the Citizen Developer & Tech track. 


Morning tracks: Creative and Citizen Developer/Tech. Offsite Physical Education.

Afternoon track: Language/Culture

(daily Spanish language integration).  



Morning tracks: Arts and History.

Offsite Gymnastics.

Afternoon tracks: Environmental and Sports/Human Health.

(daily Spanish language integration)



Math, Entrepreneurship, and Financial Literacy.  Award-winning Curriculum*

  • Spanish is the secondary language of instruction at Sky Academy.  

*Schedule may change due to operational needs.

Sky Academy Schedule

   "Agile, adaptable and innovative."

   The Sky Academy Curriculum is project-based, where all of the core subjects, such as math, reading, writing, science, and English, are folded into projects that students dive into during the week. While working on their project, students follow tracks that supplement their project.  Students are presented with grade-level requirements and focused lessons around subjects like math. However, the Sky Academy Curriculum far surpasses what is required and provides students with high-level instruction, focused time, and latitude to extend learning. Often, students work in a team setting, as this format is almost a requirement in today's workforce. 


   The Sky curriculum has been designed to ensure that students are fully prepared for higher education and the contemporary workforce. We offer all our students a relevant, modern, forward-thinking, and innovative learning experience. At Sky Academy, we believe that boredom is not an option. We are an agile and highly experienced institution that can easily adapt to the constantly changing world, ensuring that our students receive the best education possible.

Welcome to our learning commuinity!

Upskilling Students

Personalized Curriculum 

A Safe Place To Learn

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