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Upskilling Students 


When given choices, students are increasingly engaged in their education and learning. Each week, students choose between two projects. At the end of the week, students present their projects and are graded against a rubric completed by both students and teachers.


Why projects?


Student projects:

  • provide the flexibility for students to challenge themselves in their learning

  • create an environment to collaborate with other students and practice teamwork

  • are more profound learning experiences and excellent accountability tools 

  • allow for increased hands-on activities 

  • are adaptable and relevant to the “real world”

  • provide a platform for students to use diverse learning tools 

  • promote problem-solving and confidence in students

  • require higher level planning and execution

Each project contains the student's grade-level core curriculum subjects, such as math, science, reading, writing…etc. Throughout the week, students engage in focused lessons around the core subjects. To support and extend learning, the student's project also includes work in additional skill set areas called TRACKS. 


Sky Academy TRACKS

Digital Creative

The Arts

Life Skills

College Readiness


Food Education

Financial Literacy   

Citizen Developer 

Environmental Responsibility

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