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The Stock Market Game Academy

The Stock Market Game is a highly effective tool for teaching essential skills through a virtual simulation hosted by the SIFMA Foundation. The game has been played across the nation for over twenty years. While playing a "game," students practice core subjects like math, reading, writing, and many other life skills and can earn prizes while competing against other students online. 

The Stock Market Game Academy provides training, lessons, and online accounts necessary to play the game. 

ANY and ALL students in grades 4-12 are welcome to play. This includes public school, charter, private, after-school, or home-school students. 

The Stock Market Game Academy Includes:

  • An online SIFMA Stock Market Game account where students place fake virtual trades

  • The Game tracks investment portfolios in real time; all student data is hidden

  • Weekly live 30-minute teaching sessions to build skills and ask questions 

  • Games are played in blocks of 3 months; start or cancel play anytime

  • Teaching pre-game, during-game, and post-game via webinar

  • Teaching documents for students

  • Prizes awarded 


  • The Stock Market Game is played on a platform hosted by the SIFMA foundation in teams of two over a 10-week period.

  • Students are provided accounts to an online dashboard where they choose which stocks to invest in using $100,000 of virtual "money".

  • The students can change their investments at any time. The platform tracks their portfolio in real-time, providing an engaging experience. 

  • The Stock Market Game Academy was developed by Director Hardy, who has taught how to play the game for over ten years.

  • The teams coached won the Stock Market Game in Utah 15 plus times.

  • Students choose a time once a week to receive coaching via live webinars with other student game players. 

The game is now one of the most dynamic and relevant student training programs available, tailored for grade levels 4-12.

Sky Academy hosts the Stock Market Game Academy, including full gameplay with accounts, live streaming training, coaching, question and answer sessions, and game prizes for $10 a month per student for three-month sessions.

(family discounts available)

Important Dates:

Next Game Starts: March 4th - April 31st

Training via Webinar every Friday


 Stock Market Game Academy for schools:

  • Turn "Fun Friday" into a learning opportunity that supports your curriculum.

  • Teachers don't need to know anything about the Stock Market. They choose their level of involvement.

  • A 30-minute webinar once a week teaches math, reading, writing, team building, and other skills that are relevant to your curriculum.

  • The Stock Market Game has a long history of success and was developed by teachers for students. It aligns with core subjects. 

  • Parents LOVE the Stock Market Game because it engages students in real-life skill sets.

  • The 3-month curriculum can be offered to schools at no cost.

Important Dates:

Next Game Starts: March 4th - April 31st

Training via Webinar every Friday

"In 17 years of teaching,  the Stock Market Game is the single most powerful learning tool I've ever used." - Dave Hardy

Fill Out This Form, and You Will Be Sent A Link to our Weekly Webinar Training.

  • Join one session for free. 

  • To continue $10mo for 3 months.  

Congratulations on joining the Stock Market Game Academy community!

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Congratulations on joining the Stock Market Game Academy community!

Satisfaction Guarantee

The Stock Market Game Academy is not affiliated with the Sifma Foundation. If you are not satisfied with our services, please contact us, and we'll discontinue them at any time.

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