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Sky Academy
Tuition Schedule 

Parent-Friendly Tuition 

Extra Fees: None

  • No materials fees

Tuition also includes:

  • Healthy snacks and food education 

  • Gymnastics lessons taught by a coach

  • Early drop-off available  

  • A Modern and Cutting-Edge Curriculum 

Tuition Schedule 2024-2025

Tuition With Utah Fits All Scholarship

Full Day Schedule:
  • K-12 Tuition with UFA Scholarship - $225mo
  • K-12 Extended Day - $625
  • K-12 Half Day - $0
Full Day Schedule:
  • K-12 Tuition - $1,100mo
  • K-12 Extended Day - $1,499
  • K-12 Half Day - $550



Please click here to download pricing and information about Pre-K classes at Sky Academy

For Hybrid Students: Please get in touch with us so we can discuss how to customize instruction for your student.
385-466-9076, learn@skyacademy.LIFE 

Utah Fits All Scholarship Students: ​
Students can attend Sky Academy part-time with no out-of-pocket tuition expense. For information about the Utah Fits All Scholarship (UFA)

*Deposit is fully refundable until August 1, 2024. 

Limited space available!

Welcome to our learning commuinity!

Upskilling Students

Personalized Curriculum 

A Safe Place To Learn

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