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Sky Academy in Layton, UT

About Sky Academy

Sky Academy is a modern and contemporary school with an agile curriculum focused on getting students work, college, and life ready. The core subjects are folded into project-based learning tracks that are relevant to equipping students with the skills they need for future success.


Our world is changing at a blistering speed. Modern technology is in juxtaposition with antiquated education systems. The advent of AI and post-pandemic ripple effects are reshaping not only the modern workforce but also how humans interact and build relationships. 

At Sky Academy, we move as fast as technology does but are also committed to a well-rounded and safe learning environment.  

Layton affordable private school

Sky is committed to preparing students for their future by providing them with access to advanced research, tools, and technology. This equips our students with versatile skill sets and agility that is necessary to excel in any field they choose. Education needs to evolve, and Sky Academy is the answer. 

Meet the Team

Welcome to our learning commuinity!

Upskilling Students

Personalized Curriculum 

A Safe Place To Learn

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